Engage your audience today

It is very important that you engage with your audience regardless of the industry you’re in. With just over 4B people worldwide using the internet today, there’s never been a better time to connect more with people online to expand your reach and grow your business. Fun fact: The whole team here at Outwork Media came together via some form of online interaction. #engage #conect #create #inspire #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #mediaagency #smma #outworkmedia


The top questions we keep getting asked all the time is; 1) Will social media marketing work for my business? 2) Do you have any experience in my industry? From our experience, social media marketing has worked with every industry we’ve touched. We have clients in the music, entertainment, hospitality, auto, fashion, education industries etc. Applications like Facebook and Instagram are tools to advance your marketing efforts and aren’t intended to replace marketing. Although every industry have specific marketing needs, the principles of marketing remains relatively the same.

Email Subscribers

The music business is one we’ve found huge success in by growing email lists for some of our clients.

It’s crazy to think that a lot of artist, beat makers, promoters, managers, recording/dance studios, live venues, music teachers etc. still don’t have an email list.
Email marketing is a free way of connecting with the people that matter to you the most in business.

Take for example; an artist that has an upcoming gig.

Doesn’t it make sense to send a quick email invite to fans who have attended your previous gig?
It is much easier to sell to people you’ve already built relationship with,

than it is to sell to a new customer. This is the same reason why when you get a thirst, you’re more likely to buy a drink from a brand you recognise and have had good experience with in the past.

If you aren’t already building your email list. It’s time you start stacking up on valuable emails.