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Urata Designs

Urata is one of the most talented designers around, and helping her and her team to bring her bold ideas to life has always been and will forever remain a pleasure for us.
As a creative designer, we understand that Urata is best in her element of creativity, making dream wedding dresses for future brides globally.
We completely looked after the marketing and advertising of Urata Designs, giving her more time to be creative and focus on her true calling.
Like many other brands we work with, the 1st thing we did for Urata is creating a unique brand identity that resonates with its ideal customers.
The journey began with redesigning the logo. This was a very difficult and emotional decision for Urata to accept based on her love for her old logo design, which is understandable, but growth happens in discomfort.
Once the logo was finalised and agreed upon, it was time to finish all our branding materials and designs that will shape the new identity for Urata Designs.
The website project followed. We have revamped her old website, giving it a well-deserved facelift, user-friendly interface, and the ability for her brides-to-be, to book an appointment online or pay for their dream dress online should they want to.
We previously ran a Facebook ad campaign for Urata Designs to get her more bookings, the result? She now has a calendar filled with bookings she doesn’t know what to do with.
We love our collaboration with Urata Designs, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of her beautiful journey.