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Branding & Design

Indulge in a pool of exciting ideas that will set you apart from your competitors.

Optimise your over-all marketing game plan with foolproof strategies to fortify your business.

A great idea without strategic planning and execution is just another “great idea”.

Get astounding results for your business that you would definitely be proud of!


Your brand is more than just your name and your logo. It is who you are in the eyes of your audience. It’s your company’s unique identity; it’s what you stand for as a business.
Every business has the opportunity to create an identity that paints a unique picture of its personality; not having one is very detrimental and could mean your business stands for nothing. The truth is if you don’t create your company’s story, the world will make one up for you. Therefore, you’re far better off controlling the narrative of that story.


Imagine going to Tesco to buy bread, and you see a loaf with no name, or written text at all, just a clear pack. Not very appealing, is it?

Chances are you will either go with the same loaf that you are already familiar with (You know, the one with the packaging that probably says “Brennans Bread” or “Irish Pride” on it.)

The only thing that can motivate you to change is if your regular isn’t available or you see something else that catches your attention. You feel it could be interesting to give it a try for curiosity, or maybe it’s better value.

Although not many people read the content and the packaging, the truth is, we follow our instinct based on what we believe we are getting. So essentially, you need to put good quality wrapping around your “bread”.

How does your target audience feel about you? Are you the branded bread they rush to or the nameless loaf they ignore?

Book a discovery call with us today, and let’s chat about how we could help you brand your businesses.

Represent your brand's dynamic personality with a perfect balance of branding elements

Make your brand identity stand out by highlighting the right design elements

The key to making your design narrate your story and thrill your audience

A great design is always a result of playing around with imagination driven by passion

What You Get.

Overall Brand Identity Development

Visually Appealing Logo design

Imagine having a logo that does not only speak about your identity or possess a head-turner effect. Imagine having a logo that stands the test of time, that’s what we design for you.

Emotionally Compelling Brand Message

Your brand isn’t supposed to be cold and hollow. Give your brand a strong, impactful voice as we align your brand colour, brand font, and overall design to your company’s vision and mission.

Commercially Successful Brand Postioning

With your brand getting a creative artistic revamp, we’ll make sure that it stands on the pedestal as sought-for branded bread, and not the nameless one.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

Creativity 00%

Problem Solving 00%

Technical Skills 00%

Communication 00%

Our Skills.

1. Consult

To perfectly tailor the branding strategy your company needs, we will conduct a series of upfront consultations discussing your brand’s current state, where you want it to be (your aspirations), and the competitive arena you wish to triumph.

3. Design

Here, we engineer all your design needs. From the very intricate details to the bold content, we’ll make sure that your design conveys the same brand message and identity across all platforms you have; on your social media accounts, website, workbooks, newsletters, blogs, and even marketing emails.

5. Launch

3-2-1 Blast Off! This is the most exciting phase where we finally launch your brand-new visual identity. Trust us when we say that your audience’s reaction towards your “Version 2.0” is highly dependent upon how pumped up you are about it. That’s why here, we make sure that your brand rebirth will not just be another online noise but a strong attractive voice, consistent across all your platforms

2. Research

Research and study are foundational to our branding and design processes. To fully understand your brand and the branding elements that would best represent your identity, our team will conduct thorough research of your company, your mission and vision going forward, and the trends in your industry.

4. Refine

Refinement is key to perfection. As we go through improving your overall branding, we make sure that our approval process would be both interactive and transparent, weighing in your inputs and judgment.

6. Manage

Branding does not stop with simply introducing who you are to the market. After launching your revamped identity, it’s all about managing your brand strategy so you don’t become rusty. Nor do you evolve too much that your audience could no longer keep up with your speed. As we manage your overall branding and design, you could trust that your company would always level with a deep connection to your audience.

Our Approach

01 Why do we need to develop a brand?

You need to develop a brand because a strong brand helps you sell your message and benefits. Aside from creating a unique identity that sets you apart, developing your brand also helps in building a deeper connection between you and your audience.

02 Do I need a logo to build a brand?

Definitely yes! Your logo is one of the major foundations of your brand identity. Without reading its name, you’d instantly know which brand it is and the products or services they offer, all through the help of its strong graphic image. If you want to build a brand that stands out from your competitors and is easily remembered by your audience, then you definitely need a logo.

03 I need a website, too. Can you help?

Absolutely! Website Design is one of the services we provide, so if you need anything with regard to building, designing, and optimising your website, we’re here to help. To know more details about how we custom-build websites, you could view our website service here:

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