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Paid Media Advertising

Indulge in a pool of exciting ideas that will set you apart from your competitors.

Optimise your over-all marketing game plan with foolproof strategies to fortify your business.

A great idea without strategic planning and execution is just another “great idea”.

Get astounding results for your business that you would definitely be proud of!

Campaigns that target your kind of people.

Get the most with every Ad spend

Target the Right Audience

Boost Brand Visibility

Increase Ad Revenue

Tired of spending money on ads that just won’t work?

Leveraging on ads that sell is like courting

for a sure ball “YES!”

For you to get that desired results, you gotta make sure you do your homework of going deep in knowing the person, understanding what catches his or her attention, discovering what they really like and need, or what they’re really looking for. But it doesn’t end there.

After finding all these, you gotta make sure that you prep yourself. Practice communicating well, invest in things they’ll really like, a test which ones will flatter them most.

The same goes for your ads. Utilising ads that work means a thorough homework of understanding your market, reaching them through the right platforms, knowing which content and tag lines prove effective. Experiment on the best times to make them live and aligning your ads to your general marketing campaign plans.

Sounds Like a Tough Job?

That’s why we’re here.

Let us be your love coach, making sure you get that “Yes” from your courted target market.

How we can help.

Paid Media

Strategy and Planning


Effective and profitable ads require intensive strategy and planning. With the help of Outwork Media’s tech experts, the implementation of such strategies will take form in the following processes:

Keyword research

Campaign structure optimization

Behavioural targeting

Ad creative

ROI analysis & budget forecasting

Paid Media

Reporting & Analysis


A huge collection of data without analysis and interpretation is just a huge chunk of data, nothing else. With our reporting and analysis honed in critical skills, you don’t just get the untapped value of large data but the bite-size understandable interpretations that would turn data into actionable insights leveraging your ad performance. Get both comprehensive measurements of your company’s ad performance and ROI, together with strategies on improving them.

Paid Media Management


Always be on top of your paid media campaigns as you depend on our proactive and expert management skills. By management, you can trust that the following tactics will be deployed:

Audience segmentation

Creation of ad copy and ad videos

Continuous A/B testing

Negative keyword management

New campaign

Conversion and ROI analysis

“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

Inquisitive 00%

Analytical 00%

Creative 00%

Problem Solving 00%

Our Skills.

01 Does my business need to advertise?

Most businesses need to advertise at some stage – but for many, PR, events, direct selling, email marketing and use of social media will also achieve excellent results.

Online advertising is now generally the most cost-effective and easiest way to reach a large audience; national media publications are losing readership. However, local papers and magazines are still widely read, and some specialist journals can also hit the mark if you want to reach a niche audience.

02 What can advertising do for me?

A good advert might bring in a lot of enquiries, but lead to few sales because it is poorly worded or badly targeted. Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising is absolutely key.

A well-designed advertisement can:

  • Generate sales or enquiries.
  • Improve your company image.
  • Create awareness of your products or services.
  • Get the word out about a sales promotion or offer.
  • Help establish you in a new location.

It is important to decide what your ad to achieve before you start writing it. Remember to lead with a customer-focused proposition – what problem can you solve for your audience?. Clear is better than clever.

03 How long does it take to see results from advertising?

If you monitor the effectiveness of your campaign, you will get an idea of how long it needs to run to achieve its objectives.

If you are not getting the anticipated results, tracking what is going on will show you when and how your advertising needs to change. The quickest results tend to come from online advertising.

Advertising should not be used as a quick, short-term fix, only brought into play when something is going wrong. It should be planned to support your overall marketing strategy and to complement your other customer communications.


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