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How to Battle Content Creation Burnout?

Let’s all be honest. As content creators, it’s not every day that rainbows show up on our horizon, and it’s not every time that the sun shines bright on our window.

There are really days wherein no matter how hard we squeeze, there’s just not enough creative juices coming out.


If you’re a content creator, a creative director, or an artist in general, the term “creative burnout” would not be an alien to you. It’s those unwanted times of frustration when you think you’ve already thought of every single thing, tried every possible way, and yet the “eureka moment” or the “ding!” feeling still has not arrived.

Don’t you worry, for you aren’t sailing this boat alone!
Every content creator has (I bet more than) once experienced such burnout. To combat this, here are six simple yet effective ways you can try:

  1. Treat yourself with some “Me Time”

As ironic as it may sound, standing away from your desk, leaving an undone but also nonprogressive task, and doing something waaaaay outside what you’re pressured to do, could actually help. Giving your self some time to breathe, relax, and do something you enjoy is like the wind up in a robot or the charger for your phone; it reenergizes, inspires and reinvigorates your soul making you more functional and receptive to new ideas.

2. Change your Surroundings

Staying in one place and doing the same thing for long creates a monotonous, unexciting atmosphere for anyone. Thus, it is technically unhealthy for those needing to always have their minds thrilled. Being enclosed in the same surface could also lead one to have the same single perspective not just physically but even mentally. Try working in a different room, changing up the setting of your desk, or even going to a park or café to give your senses something new and refreshing.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask

Asking questions and asking for help does not equate to being dumb. Don’t be afraid to ask especially wise or good questions. Because the more you ask (especially wise/intelligent questions), the more you gain knowledge and insights you get from varied sources. Giving you the leverage of seeing things from different points of view, and hopefully inspires you. Most of the time the fears we have in asking for help is in fact invalid because other people are very much willing to help, plus doing so just makes the job easier and more efficient.

4. Get enough Sleep

Snoozing is often overlooked not just by content creators but almost everyone. It is essential however for content creators to get quality sleep because it is in the rested, peaceful state where the mind is able to heal itself and regenerate.

5. Get in the Habit of Planning Ahead

Being in the state of burnout could either feel overwhelming or exhausting/draining or even both. Burnout could also often be a product of not feeling like you’re on top of things because of the deadlines chasing after you. However, if you get into the habit of planning everything ahead into small manageable chunks, and doing your best to fulfill those plans/goals with an as short time as possible, you get an organized structure of your priorities and a time set for work, rest, family, friends and yourself – you get a time to really live.

While we’re at it, it’s also important to note that it is a must to celebrate small victories such as fulfilling a small task no matter how small they are.

6. Give your Confidence a Boost

When you’re down and in the blues, there’s nothing more uplifting than positive words that build you up. Rereading positive comments, testimonials, emails, reviews, etc. could help boost your morale and remind you of how creative you actually are.


Content Creation Burnout is not something we must fear or even be ashamed of, because, admit it or not, even the most passionate artists/creatives do experience the same. However, applying these simple, yet effective tips can help you finally say “Goodbye Burnout” the next time he visits.

However, applying these simple, yet effective tips can help you finally cause Burnout to raise its white flag in surrender, the next time it threatens you.

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